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How do you benefit from shopping with Alabama Business Services?
If you wish to shop in the US, or order items from the internet which is online shopping from the US, and you do not have a US address or US credit card, most retailers will not accept international orders or international credit cards and will not ship out of the US. Therefore, we shop for you and your order ships to our US address. On receipt of your order, we will consolidate small packages and securely repack your items, and ship to you. This is drop-shipping.

When we receive an order from a new or former client, they may have already sourced their item that they would like to purchase, however many other clients have not. Either way, we source, or shop the source, and ship.

Most items such as apparel, electronics, etc. are not usually priced to negotiate, unless we find a great sale, or have the opportunity to purchase direct from the market or manufacture, which would mean to purchase a large volume. Vehicles, golf carts, etc. are very negotiable and we work our "magic" for you. We have purchased and shipped many vehicles. Also, when purchasing a vehicle and exporting to another country, we do not pay sales tax on the purchase price. That in itself is a nice savings.

We prepare US customs forms to accommodate your shipment on items shipping from our address. If your country requires a certificate of origin, we will submit documents to our local Chamber of Commerce for their signature and stamp, these documents will be attached to the US customs forms.

Would you like to purchase something remotely from the US but do not know whom to contact or who to trust? We can assist you with your purchase and shipment. As your personal shopping service in America, you can relax while we take care of your shopping request. We have international clients that shop from the US through our service. Our professional service, the quality of our service, and our reliability speaks for itself. We welcome your questions and quote request.

Simply put, we shop for you. You Dream it, We Shop it, You Enjoy it, how simple is that!

Shop America without leaving your home or country with the preferred shopping service in the USA.